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Zaya (Zack and Maya) is one of the main couples on "The Suite Life on Deck"

General Overview

Maya Bennett is a girl from New York who works with Zack at the juice bar. Zack has a crush on Maya, but unlike all his past girlfriends, there is something different about her, as if she might be his soul mate. When she is around, Zack almost completely loses his obnoxiousness, not counting the few insults he throws out while she is around. Once Maya and Zack start dating, the relationship between Zack and Cody changes with it. Now Zack looks up to Cody for advice when it comes to dating and girls. When all is said and done, Zack realizes that he really loves Maya, and even when faced with breaking up with her, he prefers to stay together then to break up.

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My Oh Maya

From the beginning, it is made clear that Zack has a huge crush on her. He tries asking her out several times, but Maya turns him down each time because of his reputation as a player. He then tries to win her over by using Cody's Six Month Plan, but does not modify it for Maya, so he replicates the Corn Festival, which confuses Maya and actually made things worse for him. In the end, however, the two agree to be just friends, which satisfies Maya, but it leaves Zack in a plotting state, hoping that this will lead to her liking him.

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Das Boots

Zack and Maya, along with London and Woody, end up trapped in London's shoe submarine, and almost "die". Zack, thinking he only has minutes left to live, confesses his feelings for Maya. She does the same. At the end of the episode, after Cody rescues the four from "death", Maya told Zack the only reason she said those things is because the lack of oxygen was affecting her brain.

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Party On!

Zack throws her a surprise birthday party for Maya, hoping this will win her heart over. Due to the fact that Zack has little money to use, he tricks Sean Kingston, who is a visitor on the ship, into paying for it, since Sean imedeately falls for London. Zack figures out that to pull this party off, he must tell Sean that he is throwing the party for London, when he is really doing this for Maya. Mr. Moesby also thinks this is a party for him, so he also complicates things for Zack. Eventually, everyone finds out what was doing, which angered London, Sean, and Moesby. Maya, on the other hand, was impressed with Zack's determination to make her happy. At the end, the two share their first kiss, beginning their relationship.

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Love and War

They're dating and very happy together. Maya invites Zack to see her read a poem at "Poem Palooza." The only problem is that the "Palooza" is at exactly the same time and a video gaming championship that the boys (Zack, Cody, Woody, Mr. Moesby) are participating in. Now Zack must run between both places in order, to please everybody, but fails, and upsets Maya. However, Maya forgives him since this is his first offense (to her) during their relationship. She tells him that she loves him for who he is, and that in order for him to be like that, he has to be able to hang out with his friends. She also likes video games.

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Zack tries to win a basketball game to get tickets for him and Maya to have a romantic dinner ( It is their three month anniversary). Unfortunately, when they win the game, Mosbey gives him tickets but they expire that night and Maya won't be back for a few days. Zack ends up taking Woody. Throughout Twister, Zack looks for an anniversary gift to give Maya. Finally at the end of Twister: Part 3, Grammy Pickett gives Zack a beautiful necklace for "Bailey" (Although Grammy Pickett thought it was Cody trying to give something to Bailey). Zack just smiles, says thank you Grammy, and walks off with his present for Maya.

Snakes on a Boat

Maya asks Zack how many girls he dated before her, and he cannot even count them all up. This makes Maya upset, and Zack turns to Cody for advice. Cody tells him to tell Maya that he is sorry, so Zack gives Maya an "I'm Sorry" lunch to make it up to her. He tells Maya that he did date a lot of girls, but he forgot all about them as soon as he started dating Maya. This makes her extremely happy. Maya says that Zack's past does not matter and what matters is their future. At the end of the episode, Zack asks Maya how many boys she dated before him and she says, "6", implying that she dated a lot of guys before Zack.
Prom Night Zaya

Prom Night

After Zack's prank makes Mr. Moesby cancel prom, Zack comes up with the idea of having a secret prom, with a little romantic motivation from Maya. Humorously, this is the first time we see Zack actually come up with an idea that was relevant to the class discussion, as stated by Ms. Tutwiller. At the prom, they are seen dancing in the background.

Graduation on Deck

Maya finds out that she has been accepted into the Peace Corps in Chad, a country in Africa. This upsets Zack, as he admits that he does not want to have a long-distance relationship, and decides to break up with her. However, the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes how much he loves Maya and cannot break up with her. Maya feels that she cannot handle the long-distance relationship despite Zack's efforts to convince her to do so. Even though she feels terrible about doing so, she breaks up with Zack, leaving him heartbroken. Even though they do not directly talk to each other, it is assumed that they are acquaintances, if not friends, and do not hate one another for the break up. They are also seen hugging after the graduation ceremony, which implies that they are close friends.

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