Waterworks performing at Battle of the Bands
General Information
Formed: 2005
Years Active: 2005
Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Drums

Waterworks was a band formed by Lance and his mates in the episode Band In Boston.


Prior to the episode, Waterworks was unheard of in the series. It wasn't until "Band in Boston" that the band was even formed. The purpose of the band was to win Battle of the Bands, due to the winner getting to write a demo CD.


While Maddie is talking to Zack, Zack talks bout his band, Rock Squared. He brags and says that him and Cody's band will win Battle of the Bands. Maddie says that they won't because she is in a band. Once Zack leaves, Lance comes to the candy counter with his guitar. Lars spilled water all over the equipment and to repair it, it would take $5000. London is listening, and promises the two to pay for the equipment if she can be in the band. They agree. At first rehearsals, London is the tambourine player for the band but does horribly, and wants to be a singer with Maddie. At the next rehearsal, London does not want to be a backup singer, she wants to be up with Maddie. Unfortunately, her voice is horrible. They have to agree. Lance and Maddie come up with a plan. They turn off the microphone so London cannot be heard. At Battle of the Bands, London thinks that the microphone is broken, and wants to borrow the microphone that Maddie is using, while they are on stage. Maddie remarks on stage that London is a bad singer and London runs off. Therefore, Waterworks chances of winning have been destroyed.


The musical style of Waterworks was pop-rock. The song they sung ("The Only One") had simple yet deep lyrics; similar to what a popular song would be in the real world.

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