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First Day of High School (Screenshot 8)
Vance and Cody
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Nickname: Big Buddy (Cody Martin)
Girlfriend: Dana Wohl
Nemesis: Zack Martin
Production Info
Portrayed by: Matthew Angel
First Appearance: "First Day of High School"
Last Appearance: "First Day of High School"

Vance is a character that appears in the episode, "First Day of High School". He is a bully at Cheevers High School, and later becomes Nia Moseby's boyfriend.


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  • Nia Moseby - Vance and Nia first meet when Nia kicks Vance and puts blue paint all over his face when trying to protect Zack. Vance thinks Nia is cute and the way she stood up to him was "awesome". They started dating some time after "First Day of High School". They continued to date until Vance dumped Nia for Dana Wohl because Dana was a cheerleader in "Benchwarmers".
  • Zack Martin - Vance does not like Zack at all. At their first meeting, Zack had his arm around Vance's then-girlfriend Amber. They later meet again in detention.
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