Whats up guys?!

You know my name.Listen,i am very concerned about Maya Bennett and Bailey Pickett's Friendship cause they are very out-spoken.

I asked 2 Account Users; User:Soxra AKA Owner of Suite Life Wiki and User:EmaSkyFan , a friend of mine.

Heres what they said This is from User:Soxra:

"They didn't really interact enough,to create a psychological connection.They had very little in common except their intelligence level,but legitimately,there just wasn't enough substance to get a clear picture of what their relationship was, or would have been."

This is what User:EmaSkyFan said:

"Well i just think that its a coinsidence that they don't talk.The creaters just didn't find that important for them to hang out.They aren't really Yeah :)"

THATS ALL I WANT TO KNOW.If you werent asked by me and you want to answer my question,answer it on the comments below. Thank you. PeytonListHater (talk) 06:01, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

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