Heres a new show idea, The Suite Life at College.

In This Show, Cody, Zack, London, addison, and Woody go to the new Tipton College. Mr. Mosby is a teacher at the teacher teaching "Bussiness Management." New friends, & Old Friends. Plus couple episodes show a return of charcters, Bailey, Carley, Arwin, Maya, and lots more. Here are my episodes titles & Ideas for the first season.

1. First Day

Zach, Cody, London, and Woody start their first day at Tipton College. Zach tries to find a good room mate, Cody tries to find great classes, but can't make up his mind. London tries to get out of school. In the end, Cody & Zack come roomates. Cody finds his classes.

2. Class In Session

First day of Classes start. Cody starts a high Honor Math and science classes, with some results. Zach, Woody, Addison, and London joins Mr. Mosby's Bussiness Management class, which Mr. Mosby dislikes.

3. Love in Their Minds

Cody tries to do a Video Chat Dinner with Bailey. Zach finds a new girl, Dana, but messes up because he still remembers and loves Maya. But agrees to be friends with Dana.

4. Journey To the Center of Africa (Part 1)

The Gang sign up to go to a trip to Africa for the Weekend. Zach starts thinking about Maya and worries for her. So he gets away from the class to Find Maya. Cody, Woody, Mr. Mosby, & London finds out hes gone, so they go search for him before they all get into trouble.

5. Journey To The Center Of Africa (Part 2)

Zach hasn't found Maya yet, until he finds a town and bumps into Maya. The two kiss and Zach explains everything. Maya wants to be back together, but can't because her life at the Peace Corp. But they will never forget each other. The others find Zach and got back in time before the airplanes leaves. in the credits as Zack sleeps, The song "Rush" (sung by Aly & AJ) plays as he dreams of Maya as Stock Footage from "Suite Life on Deck".

6. School Dance

The school dance is coming. Bailey is in town for a week and Cody brings her to the Dance. Woody & Addison go to the dance. London meets a cute guy named Jake. Zack decides if he should ask Dana to the dance or not.

7. Hooking up with Zach

Cody, and Woody try to help Zach ask Dana out to Dinner. Zach and Dana go to Dinner, but zach finds out that that Dana is really like Maya. London gets nervous about asking Jake out.

8. Bailey's Special Suprise

Bailey will soon be leaving, so Cody makes Bailey a special Dinner date. Cody assigns Zach and woody to find a decarations for the dinner.

9. Mr. Zack Martain

It's Act like a teacher day in Mr. Mosby's class, and Zack has to do a presentation lesson on Skateboards Factories.

10. Knock on Woody

Woody tries to find a relationship anniversary for Addison. Cody has to perform a science project about types of woods.

11. Basketball Blues

Zack signs up for the college basketball team, but is good at hoops, but he is failing Bussiness Management class by a few Percents. Zack proves that he can do good, so he gets cody's advice and passes a exam and brings up the grade meaning that he is able to join.

12. Dorm Halloween

It's Halloween and the Dorms at the Tipton school decarates for the best Dorms scariest room contest. Cody & Zack plan out.

13. Maddie Subsitute

Maddie subs for Mr. Moseby's class as he falls ill. Zack tries to show Maddie how good he is in the class. Cody has a long Math Homework assignment to do.

14. To Date or Not To Date

Cody travels to Bailey's College town and have a romantic moonlight walk. Zack asks Dana to go out with him, and soon Zack becomes Dana's Girlfriend.

15. The Big Game

Zack is one of the top four players on the team, but hurts his leg on ice cubes and the Team Playoffs games are coming. Zack didn't want his team to lose and plays, But ends up hurting near the end of the game. At the end, the team gives Zack a award ribbon for his Determination.

16. Open College Visitation

Mr. and mrs Martain come visit the college to see their kids. But both the parents ends up being the school's visitation musical act.

17. Cody gets a Job

Cody gets a job at the school and works at the school store. Emma, Mr. Moseby's wife, gets a job as a teacher as a history teacher, which Zack & woody gets in her class.

18. London's Boyfriend Trouble

London is wondering if Jake has feelings for her. After all the trouble, Jake does have feelings for her and the two start dating. Meanwhile, Cody, Woody, and Zack go into town to get supplies

19. Dana's Talent

Dana is playing in the school's talent show but won't tell Zack what it is. Zack tries to spy on her, with no results. But finds out that Dana is a great singer. Meanwhile, Cody & Mr. Moseby do a talent together.

20. Snowed in at College (Season Finale)

It's coming to Christmas, meaning end of Term. Cody has plans with Bailey to join him for christmas dinner. Zack and Dana plan to have their 1 month Anniversary date. Woody plans on seeing his family. London is going to spend christmas break with her dad. Mr. Moseby and Emma plan on a cruise vacation. But when a winter blocks them from going on Break. The Gang, plans on having a their own christmas. They share their fun times together, friendships, and tells stories. Soon the snow is cleared up from the roads. They go on their breaks for Christmas.

What do you Think?

I can make up stuff for season 2 of this idea show.

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