For those of you who do not know, there are some wonderful people on youtube that I think should be recognized! Therefore, I am making a new blog called Youtuber of the Month. To qualify, you must make videos on youtube involving the Suite Life on Deck.


This month, I would like to recognize cristalflores4. She is a very dedicated worker who obviously loves The Suite Life. She makes amazing videos involving the relationships of Cody and Bailey and other famous Suite Life couples. If you would like to watch her videos, go to . Let me know if you have seen her videos before and let me know what you think about them! I will recognize another one in March, so stay posted!


This month, I would like to recognize Eliekorforever on youtube. She is devoted to Disney Channel and works hard to get upcoming episodes on her channel a week before they are supposed to air. It is very enjoyable to see the episodes early in my point of view. If you would like to watch her videos, go to . Stay posted for my next blog in April.

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