A Note to the Writers

First, I would like to start with a note to the writers of the "Suite Life" series. I have been watching "The Suite Life" series for many years. In fact, I grew up with it. I would like to thank the writers, Disney, and everyone who worked on this very special movie. The movie gave me a warm hug that said, "It is ok that 'The Suite Life' is finally ending." The movie was inspirational and moving.

The Backround

If "The Suite Life Movie" could be described in one word, it would be, "Moving." The movie is about Cody and Zack participating in The Gemini Project, a research facility that studies twins. The movie starts off with Cody and Bailey talking, Cody trying to tell her that he is taking an internship over spring break lightly, but Zack comes in asking for Cody's car, and ends up breaking the news to Bailey in the wrong way, leaving Bailey infuriated at Cody. Then, at the internship, Zack damages million dollar equipment and gets Cody fired. Cody tells Zack that he hates him and that he will never forgive Zack. Dr. Olsen confronts the boys and tells them about The Gemini Project. So, in order to obtain a scholarship, he and Zack go. At first the project seems normal, but they soon figure out what the project is truly about.



Zack and Cody overhear Dr. Olsen talking about how it is a shame that Cody has to lose his brain. Because they overheard it, the twins sneak into the lab and figure out what the project is truly about. Stage three of the project involves the twins merging, allowing Dr. Olsen to control them. Dr. Olsen catches Zack and Cody looking at his plans, so they make a run for it. But Dr. Olsen captures them soon after with the twins he can already controls in a thrilling action scene. He pins Zack and Cody to chairs in order to complete stage three, and Bailey, Woody, London, and Dr. Spalding rush in. It is then revealed that Dr. Olsen is really Dr. Spalding's evil brother. He then tries to merge the twins, only to realize that the thing the twins do best saves them, they argue. Dr. Olsen's plans are ruined, and he is captured. Then, Cody and Bailey share a romantic kiss to celebrate.

In the end, it is revealed that Cody and Bailey got to do everything on Bailey's list. Also, Zack receives Cody car, only to have it smashed by London's summer wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it was one of the best DCOM's I have ever seen. It was a great way to end the series and I would like to tip my hat to everyone who participated in this project. Thanks for six very special years!

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