Graduation on Deck is the series finale of the Suite Life series. I cannot believe it is over! Here is my full review (Note: I will later put this on the actual Graduation on Deck page once it is complete.)


Everyone walks into Ms. Tutweiller's class. Zack and Maya are watching an embarrassing video of Woody that was posted by his step-father Steve. The students receive some news (which Bailey hopes is that Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller are getting married), the ship has been sold and the seniors have a week to prepare for graduation until the ship is sold. Everyone is miserable, except for London, who is excited that they are demolishing the "Stupid Sea School."

Cody comes into the aqua lounge and tells Bailey that he thinks they should begin practicing their co-valedictorian speech. Zack learns that Maya has been excepted into the peace core, and will be assigned to the country of Chad in Africa for two years. This surprises Zack, and he becomes confused. Woody and Addison are responsible for putting together the yearbook, and Ms. Tutweiller chases London around the ship, trying to tell her she needs a foreign language class passed to graduate. On the sky deck, Zack tells Cody that he needs to break up with Maya, and Cody allows him to practice his breakup speech on him. But Zack decides to wing it and tries to breakup with Maya. Zack cannot do it though, and Cody tells him that it is because Zack loves Maya. Zack decides to try and make the long-term relationship work. Meanwhile, Ms. Tutweiller chains London to a desk until she can pass spanish class, but London is too clueless. Cody looks through the mail and sees that his letter from Yale University is here. Woody takes it and reads through the envelope. Cody finds out the he did not get into Yale and he lies there frozen like a statue.

Woody tries to cheer him up, but not even math will work. Cody is worried about Bailey because he believes that if he didn't get in, than she wouldn't. Bailey comes in the room though and tells him that she got in. Cody is now overly upset, and Bailey doesn't know what to do. Also, Zack tells Maya that he thinks they can make things work, but Maya breaks up with Zack, telling him she doesn't think a long-distance relationship will work. Zack is extremely angry and upset. London finally learns spanish thanks to Ms. Tutweiller, and she gets to graduate.

Carey and Kurt come aboard the ship, happily awaiting the boys graduation. Bailey finally meets Carey and Kurt (giving Carey a hug and Kurt a hand shake) but she delivers some bad news. Cody didn't get into Yale and he won't come out of his room. Maya then approaches and tells Carey and Kurt that she broke up with Zack and he will not come out of his room either. She runs off. Carey and Kurt split up.

Carey talks to Cody and tells him that he is brilliant and that it is Yale's loss that Cody wasn't accepted. Meanwhile, Kurt talks to Zack and tells him that there will be other girls and that he knows how he feels. The parents tell the kids that the other sibling isn't going to graduation either. The twins run out at the same time and ask themselves why they aren't going to graduation. They convince each other to go to graduation and Carey and Kurt reflect on how they raised such wonderful kids.

At the ceremony, Cody and Bailey deliver a heartfelt speech. Bailey tries to speak, but she says she cannot do this. She doesn't want to go to Yale without Cody. She loves him to much. Cody talks her into going though, and says they will still be together. Frankie, the construction worker, starts to tear the ship up, but Mr. Moseby calls Mr. Tipton and finally stands up to him, telling him that they are going to finish the graduation ceremony first. The students line up and Ms. Tutweiller says their names alphabetically. Woody thanks his mother and especially doesn't thank Steve. Zack says he also prepared a speech and recites: congratulations to the senior class, high school you can kiss my...(Ms. Tutweiller stops him quickly). The graduates throw their hats in the air. They have officially graduated.

At the juice bar for the last time, everyone says their goodbyes. Woody and Addison hand out the yearbooks, and the friends sign each others. Mr. Moseby proposes to Ms. Tutweiler, and she quickly replies yes, telling him that she has to go call her mother and rub it in her face. London and Moseby say goodbye, but London has Moseby's number on speed dial if she ever needs help. But she calls right away and is sad because she doesn't want to leave him. But she hugs Zack and Cody and heads off to Paris. Woody goes up to Zack and Cody and says he will miss them so much, but the boys say that they are going to a Yankee's game later that night. But Woody says, "but that is a whole four hours away!" and leaves. Cody and Bailey hold hands and talk about how even though Cody didn't get into Yale, Cody will still visit and they will see each other in two weeks for a math tournament where they plan to kick the opponent's butts. Then, Cody says he loves Bailey and Bailey replies that she loves him squared. They share a romantic kiss. Then Bailey hugs Zack and leaves. Mr. Moseby finally approaches the boys and tells them he always thought they would be the one to destroy the ship. Then the twins ask Mr. Moseby where he and Ms. Tutweiler will be living but he doesn't want to tell them. He wants the boys out of his life but Zack and Cody say that they will always find him and scare Moseby away. Zack and Cody depart the ship and head off to see what new adventures await them.


Coming Soon...

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