Cody: Same here. I love you man.
Zack: I love you too.
Cody: Come here.
Marcus: I love you, London.
London: I love me too!
London: Oh give me the phone! Daddy, I flooded the Aqua Lounge. It was all my fault. Yep, it's Switzerland all over again. Mhmm. Mhmm. Yay! Bye daddy!
Marcus: Well, did he kick you off?
London: Nah. He just cut my allowance to 50,000 a week.
Cody: Looks like no one is leaving the ship after all.
Marcus: Yes, I'm leaving the ship!
Everybody: What?!
Zack: But it's Moseby's fault.
Marcus: I know but I just got an email from those producers about my hip hopera, they said it was the most ridiculous thing they have ever seen!
Bailey: Then why are you so happy?
Marcus: They said it's going to be the next big comedy. They're moving my whole family to New York, I'm going to star in a Broadway show. I'm going to be the lead tooth.
Marcus: Well Mr. Moseby thanks again for everything. Before I leave I want to give you something.
Mr. Moseby: Please Marcus you don't need to do that. Your friendship is gift enough.
Marcus: Well it's a Little Little t-shirt made into a pocket hanky.

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