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  • I live in Doesn't matter.
  • I was born on November 26
  • My occupation is Leaving wikia..forever. It was fun while it lasted but it's time to finally move on.
  • Master ventus
    Cody: Same here. I love you man.
    Zack: I love you too.
    Cody: Come here.
    Marcus: I love you, London.
    London: I love me too!
    London: Oh give me the phone! Daddy, I flooded the Aqua Lounge. It was all my fault. Yep, it's Switzerland all over again. Mhmm. Mhmm. Yay! Bye daddy!
    Marcus: Well, did he kick you off?
    London: Nah. He just cut my allowance to 50,000 a week.
    Cody: Looks like no one is leaving the ship after all.
    Marcus: Yes, I'm leaving the ship!
    Everybody: What?!
    Zack: But it's Moseby's fault.
    Marcus: I know but I just got an email from those producers about my hip hopera, they said it was the most ridiculous thing they have ever seen!
    Bailey: Then why are you so happy?
    Marcus: They said it's going to be the next big comedy. They're moving my whole…
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  • Master ventus

    My 18th party was awesome! - @MusicSavesLives brought furn and awareness with the coolest photo booth with props. Love them!

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  • Master ventus

    Because of the last episode of the suite life on deck happening there is none more episodes going on which means the new series A.N.T Farm is replacing the suite life which is sad.

    But there is a way we can still keep them alive

    • Debby Ryan Officle
    • Brenda Song
    • Dylan Sprouse
    • Cole Sprouse
    • Ashely Tisdale

    *Debby Ryan Officle

    Debby Ryan has a new show called Jessie

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