aka London Tipton

  • I live in Tipton Hotel
  • I was born on October 6
  • My occupation is What's an occupation?
  • I am Girl
  • LondonTipton


    Hi I'm London Leah Tipton this is the first London and Maddie blog. I bet you've heard of me and my BFF Maddie Fitzpatrick. Maddie and I live in the Tipton Hotel which my Daddy owns. We have sleepovers and parties together. Even though I'm rich and I could really say she is poor we are still great friends. She and I do makeovers on eachother and Ivana! I shop for her sometimes. We have alot of fun together!


    Hi I am Maddie, London's best friend. I live in the Tipton Hotel also. Her Dad owns the SS Tipton and the hotel. This is our first blog. I hate how London always thinks I am poor just cuz she is rich! And I agree that it is unfair that London gets paid over one thousand dollars a week. But she is rich so …

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