People listen,

This is actually the first time that im on this website...and people dont treat eachother with respect.....and i think the people who owns this site might look at your mean and nasty comments and abandon you from this website(IF you have an account)!

So my point is that you all shouldn't say mean and nasty comments to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And also people say mean things to me as well ,well only a person from my comment said that im weird which made me sooo mad!!!!And the person was IM TALKING TO U comment made me freakin p.o.(freakin pist off!)And please dont say mean things to me i may say mean stuff to anyone who says mean stuff to them but i just noticed something


And another thing...if i hear another mean thing....u better beware of me cuz i get pist off if people say mean and nasty comments to me and everyone!

Next person who's sayin another mean thing to me or anyone out!

Not trying to be mean or not trying to threaten someone,

SelenaFan10 out!

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