Suite Life Season ended

Hi guys-Gurlyoudontknow here!!!!!!! And i see that all of you SLOD fans are feeling sad that Suite Life ended.

So i think there should be a Suite Life COLLEGE.Because everyone from Suite Life On Deck graduated from the episode,"Graduation On Deck" and i really want to see a prequel TV show about the Suite Life cast living their lives in College.

But all of my buds at school think Suite Life On Deck is done for good.Do you guys think we should have Suite Life College?Well here's what i'll do;

  • If you think Disney Channel should have Suite Life:Living their College Lives,Vote yes way
  • If you think Suite Life is done for good.Vote,No way

{If you think you dont know,Vote heh-what the heck!}


You may ask,"Where do we vote?",well you can vote on the comments.


Gurlyoudontknow (talk) 01:42, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

P.S.:If you have more questions,please write it on the comments side

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