Hey, everybody! I was watching Twister on Youtube, and had an idea: I could come up with an episode and post it here!

Title: Boston, Sweet Boston

Plot: When the ship docks in Boston, the twins stay at the hotel for the day. London and Bailey go shopping with Maddie, and they get lost on the way. The boys cause trouble for Carey, Arwin and Estaban.

Sub-plot: Carey grounds the boys, while Maddie, Bailey and London are thrown in jail after "stealing" a Yay Me! Starring London Tipton t-shirt.

End-plot: Mosbey breaks the girls out of jail and comes to the Tipton, only to find a giant "We Hate Mosbey" party, arranged by Zack. When everyone is on the boat, Carey, Arwin, Maddie and Estaban say their goodbyes, while Mosbey threatans Zack, which leaves everyone thinking: What will happen to Zack?

Cast: Cole and Dylan Sprouse as Zack and Cody, Brenda Song as London Tipton, Debby Ryan as Bailey, Phill Lews as Marion Mosbey

Guest Stars: Ashely Tisdale as Maddie, Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin, Brian Stepanek as Arwin, Adrian R'Mante as Estaban

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