Hello, all! I have an announcment. Simmilar to User:Addict Girl 441, I will be making some characters talk on some of my blog posts/comments on the pages. *audience is heard clapping*

Now, it's time to introduce some guys.. please welcome, Brian Griffin! *audience is quiet*

Peter: Hey, no cheering or claping? For Peter Griffin? *he prepares to throw a bottle of beer but I push him back onto the steps and onto a platform by the ceiling*

How about, Stewie Griffian! *audience clap and cheer*

Stewie: My god, this is wonderful! *goes up to join Peter*

Now, from the Suite Life... Zack and Marcus! *audience goes wild*

Zack: What a great cro- is that Agnes? *runs up to the platform and is followed by Marcus*

How about from Total Drama, Duncan and Alejandro! *mild clapping and cheering is heard*

Duncan: I knew we should've went to host "Hiking the Rocky Mountian" with Gwen and Heather...

Alejandro: Who cares? Meet you at the water slide! *Duncan and Alejandro run up with Peter, Stewie, Zack and Marcus*

Okay... let's give it up for Heinz Doofentsshmirtz and Buford Van Storm! *mild cheering is heard. Buford and Doof join the others*

And finally.... EUGENE KRABS AMD SQUIDWARD TENTACLES! *nobody claps or cheers as they join the others*

I made a poster for the gang... *all of a sudden, Rockhopper and Gary run in and join the others* We'll be seeing ya..?


Well, we forgot Zack and Marcus, plus Rockhopper and Gary the Gadget Guy were late for this event...

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