(walk's in dressed as a drill sargent) ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!! the worse fears of all caily fans is among us..........even as we speak a demonic fan pairing known as maily (moose and baily pairing)

has caught up to one fan ........we all hate moose and see him as a threat toward cody and baily's relationship . cody and baily already broke up but were praying thet they'll get back together ........unfourtently maily fans are praying that moose and baily will get back together and there's a chance that the disney channel will gicve in to comands and we as CAILY FANS WILL NOT ALLOW IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this war between caily and maily will be the ultimate media batlle since - SINCE KRATOS DEYSTROYED ARES AND ZEUS- SINCE DANTE DEFEATED LUCIFER - SINCE THE ARGUMENT BETWEEN TEAM EDWARD AND TEAM JACOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maily fans think that moose is the best but even though i only encounterd one on this wesite theres a chance (god forbid) that there will be more moose fans and they are a threat to caily .......MOOSE FANS CAN TRY TO PUT AN END TO CODY AND BAILY'S RELATIONSHIP BUT THEY WILL NEVER DEYSTROY CAILY ......not if we have anything tho say about it AND WE WILL

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