in this horror fanfic i call kidslahers (hybrids between horror movies and kid shows ) .

in this story london buys a crystal that uleashes the boogeyman . the boogeyman stalks the s.s tipton and haunts all the adults . zack, cody ,baliey and london try to stop him but he comaders the s.s tipton . he kidnaps london and bailey and threatens to strand them in the artic . zack and cody face all of the boogeymans zombie minions to save the girls . eventuly they confront the boogeyman in the captins corders . zack begins to fight the boogeyman (armd only with a broken hockey stick ) while cody unties the girls . the boogeyman chases them across the deck but zack and cody use their wits to trick the boogeyman into falling into the icy water . zack and cody turn the vessal around but the boogeyman swims in presuit . he climbs back onto the boat but is knocked out cold buy baliey with a anhcor . zack and cody then use the crystal to send the boogeyman back to his dimension ....... i hoped you like it . and i also hope its not to disturbing for you if your offended i aploigise i tried to make it not so violant . post your ideas for a horror story

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