its me agian and im writeing part to of my fake episode in wich cody and bailey are engaged .

two weeks later . cody plans on haveing the wedding at the tipton hotel . bailey is naturaly exited, zack is now dateing maddie and london is paying for the wedding ( a little supriseing thing for london to do) . during the batchalor party someone leaves a letter for cody saying "stay away from my girl' . later at baileys batholorete party another letter apears saying

"i wont let you do it bailey" . finally at the wedding starts and unfourtently at evrey wedding the priest has to ask if there is "anyone who objects to this union"

and like that moose breaks in , he try's to pull bailey away and attempts to hurt cody . when london has people try to escort moose out, moose reveals that he is armed with a paintball gun and refuse's to leave until bailey agrees to marry him . meanwhile zack who was in the bathroom was not heled hostage is reciveing constant tex message's from london .

zack tries to rush in to help but finds out the hard way that moose filled the hallways with angry chickens ( scary thing if your in a room full of chickens ) . zack flee's back into his old hotel room and gears up with his toy weopans

( rambo parody) . meanwhile mr moseby threatens to call the cops on moose only to "have his tuxedo gety coverd in red green blue and pink" . moose then taunts cody keeps getting hit by purple and oreange . bailey refuse's to marry moose who then contiues to make a "rainbow scareface" to the guest's .

zack is then taken hostage by the angry chickens . they begin to peack him . but zack realise's he is armed with cheese spray and spray all the chickens . he runs into the elavator only to encounter a bull ( ZACK : how do these things happen?) . while zack attempts to flee the bull he ends up bull fighting the bull with his tuxedo jacket .

zack finally disorantes the bull and is forced to climb through the vents ( parody of die hard) . zack then falls into the janitors closet wich is locked from the out side. out side is arwin who offers to help zack is he finds him a twinkie . zack begins to complane that there is no twinkie .

at the wedding moose then tell's cody to either surrendor bailey or else the tipton hotel will be "one huge barn" (wich it technicly already is on aconunt of the barn animals in the halls )

eventuly zack finally convinces arwin that there is no twinkie in the janitors closet , but arwin lets him out only becuse he had a twinkie all along.

zack eventuly makes it to the wedding and confronts moose . after a cowboy style showdown zack disarms moose and covers him in red paint and throws him out the door with the bull in the hall way ( the out come was offscreen but it was not pretty) .

cody and bailey are finally married and bailey throws the flowers . miss tutwiler catch's them but imeditly the wind blows it out of her hand and into maddie and zacks hands .

cody and bailey finally drive off for thier honey moon .

but let me assure you thier are only to more of these fake episodes comeing from me so tell me what you think of this one .

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