this is part 3 of my fake episode . i did post it but do to a glitch i had to delete it.

after cody and baileys honey moon , bailey is already wanting to have a baby . cody is hesitateing saying its too early and they need to take it slow , and that they cant rush into things to quick . bailey bugs cody about this for about a month until he finally agrees . but imediatly cody is aressted by the kettlecorn police ( even though they have no jurace diction in boston) .

the charges are for kidnapping and brian washing bailey, bailey trys to deney it but they dont litsin to her . bailey takes evreyone to kettlecorn for thr trial. it is revealed that moose has framed cody. when zack , woody , marccus confront him , moose tells them that he will still win becuse the police chief is his brother and he has the best lawer in kettlecorn .

moose later tells bailey that if she doesnt testify agianst cody then her parents will be put into a mental home "for the 9th time" . when they others try to find evidince against moose but they do find evidince finally find moose's sedual , money used to bribe the police, and a wedding ring he was going to force bailey to wear , and divorce papers and restrianing orders he was going to trick bailey into sign , but imediatly moose confiscates it and deystroys it (parody of the printer scene from office space) . the day of the trail the judge reveals that if cody loose's then he will be sentanced to live forever in "the fraidy hole" ( acordeing to bailey the well with a huge rock blocking the top) . it is also shown that the best lawer in kettlecorn is 3 to 5 years old . wich is good news becuse the lawer london hired is the best in new york and washington .

and due to testomey from woody, carey , marcus , kurt , mr moesby , esteban , maddie , zack, miss tutwiler and london . moose is easily beaten in trial in just 10 minutes .

bailey and cody are happily reunited and they return to boston . two weeks later baliey reveals she is indeed haveing a baby with cody

this was part 3 keep waiting for part 4 . and yes part 4 will involve the baby

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