high im casecr .im comeing up with a four part fake episode this is part one and i need to know if you like it , this is a caily and a zaddie sub plot .

takes place when (if they do ) get back together . they turn 18 and are declared leagally adults . cody ends up preposeing to bailey.

they invite evreyone includeing thier parents and characters from the old show . at first when cody meets baileys parents they seem nice to him but the next day they spase out at him .

they forbid bailey from marrying cody and make arrangements to take her back to kettlecorn agianst her will (dispite the fact she can legally make her own choices )

meanwhile zack realise's maddies on the boat and thrys to find her . maddie agrees to go out with zack if he is able to do something worthy for her .

baily later is locked in her own room by her mom and dad until the ship makes a stop for kettlecorn .

now cody trys to confront bailey's parents with no avil . but baileys father accidintly reveals moose had toled him that cody was a bad person . cody talks about this to zack (who wasnt paying attention becuse he was thinking of maddie) . bailey is complaneing to london and maddie about how strict her parents are . london sugest that they call "one of daddys hitman" but maddie sugest's that she confronts her parents . zack later bumps into moose who reveals his plot to get bailey back. zack threatens to tell baileys parents only to be toled that they will never belive him becuse they trust moose and will not listsin to zack becuse he's cody's brother . the boat stops to kettlecorn and bailey prepares to leave and her parents wont let cody say good bye . but zack rush's in ad explaines the case but naturaly her parents refuse to belive him until zack reveals he got moose's confession on tape . maddie is impressed that he saved his brother chances of getting married and agrees to go out with him. baileys parent then tell moose they will never trust him agian . and they finally agree to give cody and bailey thier blessing "and cody gets to give baileys parents one free punch in the face" cody grees but say's he wont tell when.

tell me how you like it becuse this is part 1 of 4

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