this is the last fake episode im writeing in wich cody and baily were married and expecting .........this is also a crossover with wizards of waverly place and hannah montana

when cody and baily are finally haveing a baby and liveing in the tipton hotel , hannah montana/miley stewart , her brother jackson and her friend lola come over along with the russo children . while baily is just 8 months in the russo children acidintly reveal thier secret to the other kids. afterword cody meysterisly dissapears . while searching for him zack , and jackson blame justin and max becuse they were the first on thier mind and theyre scared of alex. but alex offers to help find cody as does miley and london . miley use's her hannah persona to put subliminal messages in her music video to hypnotis anyone to help find cody. unfourentately as soon as it comes out some one deystroys the traps and sends a message saying "stop looking". meanwhile zack, jackson attempt to bust justin and max and ask arwin for help to bust them . arwin says he has a way of exposeing wizards warlocks and witch's from a very supreme source . imediatly arwin attmpts to throw a buckkett of water at them. unfourtently the water miss's them and hits mr moesby. eventuly justin and max are offended that arwin tries to melt them (not that it would work)

so the magicly transport arwin into a locked janitors closet ( full of twinkies)

justin and max hear zack and jacksons side of the story and make up for scareing them by summoning magical babes .

while bailey and miley and lolas and alexs search become more frantic , moose comes ( and lola , alex and miley are stuck in a trance when they see moose ) . moose tells bailey that cody walked out on her and the baby . and bailey starts to belive him

meanwhile jackson wants to be a wizard so he tries to steal justins wand . but justin and jackson begen to fight

zack and max wander the halls looking for cody and he hears him groaning via the ventalation shaft . it is discover that someone kidnapped cody and is holding him in the basement (parody of saw) . all is reveld to the kids that moose had kidnapped cody (no duh) . when the girls try to let cody out moose comes and attempts to stop them . after a fight between cody and moose , jackson has finally won the wand and acidintly makes moose disapear forever . cody and bailey are happily reunited

3 weeks later bailey gives birth to a healthy baby boy named c.j ( cody jr) and is wondering who the god mother should be - london or miley ? audiance decides

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