i could have not been more tick off at disny channel for breaking cody and baily up. i mean they went to far when wizards of waverly place broke justin and juliet up . and they seem to belive that its okay ? if they dont get back together by the end of season 3 the-then (almost has a break down but gets over it) they went to far ......... i can bet you anything that the writer who broke justin and juliet and cody and bialy up are the same person ........... TITANIC HAD A HAPPIER ENDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (slaps self on face) vote to this protest to bring cialy back to gether and someone help me mial it to disney channel cause whoever decided for them to break up in paris is just plian- ( comes down) vote if you can .......infact vote twice if you feel you need to just vote CIALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (collapes on floor) im okay.

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