• Casecr

    yeah , since caily is a big part of suite life on deck , i was trying to find a love song to pay tribute to them ,

    whats your opinion of what thier theme song should be?

    • i will always love you - whitny houston
    • the heart will go on - celeine dion (doesnt make since for thier story line but still romantic)
    • evreything i do - bryan adams
    • dont trust me - i forgot the singer
    • evreytime i see your picture i cry - forgot the singer

    but what do you think should be the theme song ?

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  • Casecr

    theres a threat to caily

    August 19, 2010 by Casecr

    (walk's in dressed as a drill sargent) ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!! the worse fears of all caily fans is among us..........even as we speak a demonic fan pairing known as maily (moose and baily pairing)

    has caught up to one fan ........we all hate moose and see him as a threat toward cody and baily's relationship . cody and baily already broke up but were praying thet they'll get back together ........unfourtently maily fans are praying that moose and baily will get back together and there's a chance that the disney channel will gicve in to comands and we as CAILY FANS WILL NOT ALLOW IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this war between caily and maily will be the ultimate media batlle since - SINCE KRATOS DEYSTROYED ARES AND ZEUS- SINCE DA…

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  • Casecr

    fake episode 4 the finale

    August 11, 2010 by Casecr

    this is the last fake episode im writeing in wich cody and baily were married and expecting .........this is also a crossover with wizards of waverly place and hannah montana

    when cody and baily are finally haveing a baby and liveing in the tipton hotel , hannah montana/miley stewart , her brother jackson and her friend lola come over along with the russo children . while baily is just 8 months in the russo children acidintly reveal thier secret to the other kids. afterword cody meysterisly dissapears . while searching for him zack , and jackson blame justin and max becuse they were the first on thier mind and theyre scared of alex. but alex offers to help find cody as does miley and london . miley use's her hannah persona to put sublimi…

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  • Casecr

    fake episode part three

    July 30, 2010 by Casecr

    this is part 3 of my fake episode . i did post it but do to a glitch i had to delete it.

    after cody and baileys honey moon , bailey is already wanting to have a baby . cody is hesitateing saying its too early and they need to take it slow , and that they cant rush into things to quick . bailey bugs cody about this for about a month until he finally agrees . but imediatly cody is aressted by the kettlecorn police ( even though they have no jurace diction in boston) .

    the charges are for kidnapping and brian washing bailey, bailey trys to deney it but they dont litsin to her . bailey takes evreyone to kettlecorn for thr trial. it is revealed that moose has framed cody. when zack , woody , marccus confront him , moose tells them that he will …

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  • Casecr

    fake episode part two

    July 23, 2010 by Casecr

    its me agian and im writeing part to of my fake episode in wich cody and bailey are engaged .

    two weeks later . cody plans on haveing the wedding at the tipton hotel . bailey is naturaly exited, zack is now dateing maddie and london is paying for the wedding ( a little supriseing thing for london to do) . during the batchalor party someone leaves a letter for cody saying "stay away from my girl' . later at baileys batholorete party another letter apears saying

    "i wont let you do it bailey" . finally at the wedding starts and unfourtently at evrey wedding the priest has to ask if there is "anyone who objects to this union"

    and like that moose breaks in , he try's to pull bailey away and attempts to hurt cody . when london has people try to esc…

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