I like to add my characters, Mary and Sierra, into episodes of The Suite Life. I'm in the middle of one and thougth you guys may like to see it. This is what I have so far.

(Zack, Cody, and Carey walk into the lobby)

Zack and Cody: Mom!

Cody: Why can’t you drive us to the playground?

Carey: Because, I have to rehearse new choreography for my next show. Mr. Moesby thinks I need some “younger moves.”

(Carey does an embarrassing dance across the lobby while Mary and Sierra walk up.)

Carey: What do you think?

Zack: I think that you should never do that in public.

Cody: Or in private.

Mary and Sierra: Or in your dreams.

(Mary and Sierra go up to the front desk.)

Carey: Why don’t you invite some friends from school?

Cody: That’s a great idea.

Zack: Too bad we don’t have any! Nobody ever likes the new kids.

Carey: You’ll make friends soon.

(Carey kisses Zack and Cody.)

Carey: We’re here to stay now.

Zack: Not if you use those moves.

(Zack does a dance just like Carey’s into a table and causes the vase on it to fall. Esteban jumps over to catch the vase. Mary, Sierra, Zack, Cody, Mr. Moesby, and Carey run over to him.)

Mr. Moesby: Excellent catch, Esteban.

Esteban: If you think that was impressive, Mr. Moesby, watch this.

(Esteban throws the vase, catches it after it flips, and puts it up to his ear.)

Esteban: Ooh! I can hear the ocean!

(Zack, Cody, Mary, and Sierra start grabbing at the vase.)

Zack, Cody, Mary, and Sierra: Let me hear! Let me hear!

(Mr. Moesby walks up to London at the candy counter.)

Mr. Moesby: London. I need to speak with you.

London: Not now, Moesby. I’m off to a gaily premiere.

(London starts to walk away and Mr. Moesby spins her back.)

Mr. Moesby: Oh, no you’re not. I just received a fax from your father. You are to cease all social activities until your grades improve.

London: That is so unfair! I have to keep my grades up, but his new wife is allowed to drop out of college?

Mr. Moesby: He also insisted that I hire you a tutor.

London: When is he gonna realize that education and me just don’t mix?

Maddie: Education and I.

London: Hello. This isn’t about you.

Maddie: Okay, that’s nine dollars and twelve cents. Minus your eight percent senior discount, that’s eight dollars and thirty-two cents. That’s a ten; six twenty’s your change.

(Maddie starts handing the lady her money right before the cash register lights up. Mr. Moesby walks behind the counter with Maddie.)

Mr. Moesby: You beat the cash register!

(Mr. Moesby picks up Maddie’s book.)

Mr. Moesby: And you read! Maddie can be your new tutor!

Maddie and London: WHAT!

Maddie: There isn’t enough money in the world.

Mr. Moesby: I’ll pay you triple your salary.

Maddie: Apparently there is enough.

Zack: Cody, Check it out!

(Drew and the rest of the Drew Crew walk towards the boys.)

Zack: It’s the Drew Crew! Yo, Drew, what up, dog?

Drew: Hey look! It’s the clones!

(Mary and Sierra walk up.)

Sierra: Leave them alone!

Mary: What did they do to you?

Drew: Hey, look, it’s not just clones, it’s attack of the clones!

(The Drew Crew walks away.)

Zack: Did you hear that? The Drew Crew just mocked us!

Cody: Woo hoo, we’re in. Not.

Sierra: At least we aren’t completely invisible this time.

(Max and Tapeworm walk up to the twins.)

Max: The Drew Crew will never accept you. Don’t beat your head against a wall.

Tapeworm: Even though it feels good sometimes.

Mary: We really couldn’t care less. Right, Sierra?

Sierra: No comment.

Max: I’m Max, by the way. And this is Tapeworm.

Zack: What kind of name is that?

Max: The kind you get when you eat 20 hotdogs in less than two minutes.

Mary and Sierra: Gross.

Cody: Cool! Beats my record!

Zack: By 18.

Mary: No comment.

Zack: You guys want to come over to our house?

Tapeworm: Did you hear that? Someone wants us to come over to their house!

(Carey is singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror. Zack, Cody, Max, Tapeworm, Mary, and Sierra walk into the suite. Carey “dances” backwards right in front of the boys.)

Zack: Mom.

(Carey turns around abruptly.)

Carey: Oh! Hey.

(Carey starts to brush her hair.)

Zack: What are you doing?!

Carey: Apparently I’m embarrassing myself in front of your new friends you made friends!

(Carey walks in front of Zack and Cody’s friends.)

Max: Maybe. Wow! This. Is. So. Tight.

(Max runs to a stereo.)

Carey: I was rehearsing-

(Max turns on the stereo and starts dancing with Mary and Sierra.)

Carey: For, for, my new show. Man, look at you go. Wow. Can you show me how you do that?

Max, Mary, and Sierra: Sure.

(Max, Mary, and Sierra do a complex dance move.)

Carey: No, okay, the part a mom can actually do.

Max, Mary, and Sierra: Oh, okay, sure.

Maddie: So how’s your research on Italy going?

London: Fantastic. I had no idea Fibril’s sold dresses over the internet. I’ll order you one. What are you? A fourteen?

Maddie: Yes. The same as your IQ.

(Maddie checks her watch and makes to leave.)

Maddie: Oh, I have to get downstairs. He’s probably there already!

London: Who’s there?

(Maddie stops and turns around.)

Maddie: No one.

London: No one who?

(London runs up to Maddie.)

London: Is he cute?

Maddie: Oh, it’s nothing. Just the new lifeguard. He always buys gum before his shift. Spearmint.

(London pulls Maddie into a chair.)

London: Has he asked you out yet?

Maddie: Well, not in so many words. Or in any words, really. I mean, you know how it is. When you really like a guy, and he has no idea that you exist?

London: No.

Maddie: I should go, I’m late.

London: You know; if you want him to notice you, don’t be there. While he’s chewing gum, he’ll be consumed with thoughts of you. “Where is she? Why isn’t she here? Is she on a hot date?

Maddie: Huh, you know, I never thought of that.

London: You may be book smart, but trust me on this: when it comes to things that truly matter, like dating, it’s time for the pupil, to become the pupee.

(Zack, Cody, Mary, Sierra, Max, and Tapeworm walk on the court. The Drew Crew walks by them and everyone stops.)

Drew: Hey, clone attack-

Mary: We each have a name.

Drew: Anyway, clone attack; is it really true that you live in the Tipton hotel?

Sierra: Yep.

Cody: Our mom sings there.

Mary: It’s not important why we live there.

Max: And it makes your place look like a dump.

Tapeworm: Yeah.

Drew: And there are really hot babes serving ice cream by the pool?

Cody: Three flavors.

Zack: And we’re talking about the girls.

Drew: Maybe we’ll, come over and hang out.

Cody: You want to hang out with us?

Zack: Of course he does.

Mary: Good-bye.

Drew: You know, I’ve always liked you three.

Cody: No you didn’t.

(Zack hits Cody in the back and Sierra flicks Cody on the neck.)

Cody: Ow, ow, quit it!

(Sierra, Zack, Cody, and the Drew Crew walk away, leaving Mary, Max, and Tapeworm hurt.)

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