Odd Couples
Trevor discovering London's charade
Character Statistics
Gender: Masculine
Age Group: 15-17 (Season 2)
Employment: Merit Scholar
Production Info
Portrayed by: Zac Efron
First Appearance: Odd Couples
Last Appearance: Odd Couples

Trevor (played by Zac Efron), is a Merit Scholar who only appears in Odd Couples.


He is a highly intelligent Merit Scholar and a member of Phi Beta Kappa who went to a Convention in the Tipton, he wants to be a president. He hates the people who want to save the environment.

At the final of the episode, it can see he has a crush with Maddie

Relationship with Maddie

Since Trevor said: "I think there's too many restrictions on developing the wilderness already", Maddie replied him saying he is a jerk, but later than a later discussion, he kisses Maddie (only because he hated her).


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