The Tipton Daycare
Day Care 3
The day care
Location: The Tipton Hotel, Boston MA
Staff: Maddie
Blake (unseen)
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton
First Appearance: "Day Care"
Last Appearance: "Day Care"

The Tipton Daycare is a daycare within the Tipton Hotel, where they take care of the children of the guests who are busy. Maddie and Blake, an unseen character, are the two employees known to administrate the daycare.

Maddie Fitzpatrick (5)

Maddie who works at the Tipton Daycare.


The Tipton Daycare center is seen only once, in the episode "Day Care". After Maddie has to leave for a family emergency, she leaves Esteban and the twins in charge of the kids. But after the kids run out on them, Zack and Cody have to track them down in the hotel. The kids invade the Yoga room, it's up to Mr. Moseby to reel them in.

Despite the fiasco, most of the kids seemed to have a great day at the daycare.


There are many kids that attend the daycare, including Emily and Randall. Randall has a big crush on Maddie, and competes with Zack over her. Randall is portrayed by Moisés Arias.

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