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Tabitha Morella


Tabitha Morella played CALLIE in the episode "Computer Date".


Tabitha Morella was born at McGee Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. and has wanted to be an actress since she was eight years old. Tabitha moved to LA in March 2008 from South Carolina to pursue her acting career. Tabitha has worked extremely hard in pursuing her career by participating in many educational acting classes and has studied with acting Coaches Michael Woolson and Kimberly Crandall. She has done numerous television guest spots including Dexter, Two and a Half Men (opposite Charlie Sheen), CBS's Criminal Minds, Nickelodeon's iCarly and Victorious, Disney's The Suite Life on Deck as CALLIE, and "Good Luck Charlie, Tabitha also has been in several award-winning short films including playing the lead the Sundance Film Festival favorite Rite and co-starring in Red Princess Blue.

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