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Simms is the judge and police of Parrot Island. He also has various other jobs. He dislikes Wilfred Tipton because Wilfred cut down every single tree on Parrot Island. He is extremely judgmental, as he dislikes the friends and family of Wilfred Tipton without first getting to know them better.

Parrot Island

In the episode "Parrot Island", he arrested London Tipton because she is Wilfred Tipton's daughter. When Mr. Moseby, Woody, Bailey, Zack, and Cody come to bail her out, they are arrested. He also arrests Mr. Moseby for working with Mr. Tipton and Woody and Bailey just for being friends with Mr. Tipton's daughter. (Bailey was arrested for owning a pig without a "pig license".) Zack and Cody get a message from Bailey through Porkers about them being in jail. Zack, Cody, and Porkers, Bailey's pig, attempt to bust London, Mr. Moseby, and Woody out but Simms catches them in the act and throws them in jail. With ten minutes before the SS Tipton leaves, they plea to Simms to let them out but he refuses. While he is out, Porkers comes in. Bailey tells him to grab the keys from Simms' desk. Eventually they break out of the jail with only minutes before the SS Tipton leaves. However, Simms catches up to them, only to be bribed with 100,000 dollars from London. London, Woody, Zack, Cody, Mr. Moseby, Bailey, and Porkers leave Parrot Island, but it remains unknown whether or not he is still prejudiced agianst anyone afilliated with Mr. Tipton.

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