Rome Tipton
Rome with London
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: Starship Tipton
Grandparents: London Tipton (extended), Wilfred Tipton (extended)
Friends: London Tipton
Production Info
Portrayed by: George Takei
First Appearance: "Starship Tipton"
Last Appearance: "Starship Tipton"

Rome Tipton is London's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson, who has only appeared in "Starship Tipton".


Rome seems to be like London, always asking for service and complaining about his situation. Whether he is alive or not is unknown, as he was accidentally sucked into space and was not seen again.

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  • If London got married and had a child, it would probably take its father's surname. Even if it took London's surname, it likely wouldn't go on for that many generations.
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