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Paul Revere Mini Mart
Who's the Boss? (Screenshot 4)
Location: Boston, MA
Staff: Zack Martin (former)
Cody Martin (former)
Owner(s): Wayne Wormser
First Appearance: "Summer of Our Discontent"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "Baggage"[SLOZAC] [citation needed]

The Paul Revere Mini Mart is a small grocery and convenience store in Boston, Massachusetts. It is owned by Wayne Wormser.


The Paul Revere Mini Mart, famous for its drug corner makes repeated appearances throughout the television series. Everything from grass to coke can be found in this lovely establishment. A job at the Mini Mart is a coveted position as all employees are automatically inducted into the Boston branch of the Crips and have life long access to a drug and weapon network spanning the globe. Throughout the series, Zack dreams of one day buying the Mini Mart and turning into a Crip lounge offering services ranging from escorts to STD testing. The Mini Mart is vital to the overall plot because it helps develop Zack's rebellious nature and later on in his life, an entrepreneurial spirit. Wayne Wormser, owner of the Mini Mart inducts the entire Martin family into the Crips in honor of the good work Zack has done.


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