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Estebanita Ramírez
The Suite Smell of Excess (Screenshot 6)
Estebanita entering a room
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 28-29
Based on: Esteban Ramírez
Employment: Fitzpatrick's Maid
Production Info
Portrayed by: Adrian R'Mante
First Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]
Last Appearance: "The Suite Smell of Excess"[SLOZAC]

Parallel Esteban Estebanita Ramírez (or Estebanita Ramírez) is the parallel version of Esteban only seen in the episode: The Suite Smell of Excess, when Zack and Cody went to the alternate universe using Arwin's original invention, the Parallel Universaliser. Essentially, Parallel Esteban is a female version of Normal Esteban, named Estebanita.


Firstly, Parallel Esteban is female, and is a lovely maid working at the Fitzpatrick Hotel. She walks into Suite 2330 saying: "Maid Service!" Meaning that she is a maid. Zack and Cody were puzzled as to why Esteban was wearing a dress. Estebanita explained that her name was Estebanita. Immediately after, Estebanita dances around the room, with Zack and Cody staring at her. She asks if they are staring at her, and the boys say that they are. Disgusted, Estebanita zips up her top, with Zack and Cody freaked out.


Basically, Estebanita looks a lot like Esteban but with an outfit and lots of black hair. Parallel Esteban wears a maid's outfit, in a similar fashion to Muriel and other maids at the Tipton. She also has a mole on her face and is wearing lipstick.

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