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Nellie and Kellie
Suite Life Movie 33
Nellie and Kellie chasing Zack and Cody
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager
Sisters: Each other
Friends: Zack Martin
Production Info
First Appearance: The Suite Life Movie
Last Appearance: The Suite Life Movie

Nellie and Kellie are twins from The Suite Life Movie.


In attempt to impress Nellie, Zack runs a billion-dollar submarine into Vancouver's seawall (Cody did the same trying to stop him) getting Cody fired & vowing never to talk to Zack again.Nellie was seen later talking to the janitor (Dr. Olsen in diguise).

They ate a special fruit which made them mind-controlled zombies to Dr. Olsen.

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They treat each other very well. They both appear to be smart, kind, and well-mannered.

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