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Mrs. Madigan
Mrs. Madigan
Mr. Madigan at the Orchestra performance
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Employment: Music teacher at Cheevers High
Production Info
Portrayed by: Susan Blakely
First Appearance: Orchestra
Last Appearance: Orchestra

Mrs. Madigan is the music teacher at Cheevers High School. She is only seen in the episode: Orchestra.


Mrs. Madigan is the music teacher at Cheevers High School, and she is in charge of the grade 9 orchestra, though according to her this is only because the alternative is teaching music in prison. She quite an angry person, yet she can show kindness, especially to the Russian violin prodigy, Sergei. She has a poster of him at her house. Madigan has a son in the orchestra class, but it seems like she does not treat him any differently to the rest of the kids in the class. She also seems to have a severe dislike of Zack Martin, because of the "Beware of Zack" sign in the teachers lounge. It is obvious that she consistently gets annoyed with Zack's antics.


Like a lot of teachers, Mrs. Madigan has a typical "teachers look". She looks fairly old, maybe in her 50's, and she is only seen in casual, school appropriate clothing. She has short, blond hair in a fringe style. She always wears a necklace.

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