What the Hey - Cody kissing Matisse
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Production Info
Portrayed by: Monet Lerner
First Appearance: What the Hey? (TSLOZAC)
Last Appearance: What the Hey? (TSLOZAC)

Matisse is the lead singer of a rock band called "Everything Stinks" and Cody's crush who appears in the episode "What the Hey?". She is taller and seems to be two years older than the twins. In the episode, Cody and Zack skip school and go to the mall after missing the bus. They decide to sign up for candidates in Everything Stinks' new music video. Cody uses the name Wing Lee, and Zack uses Cody Martin. Cody (Wing Lee) wins the competition. Matisse introduces herself to Cody, who is completely speechless in front of her.

During the music video, it appears to be going well, but then Carey appears, watching the performance. Zack warns Cody, who tries to escape, but accidentally bumps into a table, knocking over some dancers, and abruptly ending the video.

When Carey confronts Zack and Cody, Cody admits that he had fun today and plants a surprise kiss on Matisse.

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