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Laura Bird
Laura Bird
Mrs. Bird at the chalkboard
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Employment: Teacher at Cheevers High School
Production Info
Portrayed by: Mary Scheer
First Appearance: "Summer of Our Discontent"
Last Appearance: "Summer of Our Discontent"

Laura Bird is the year 8 Summer School teacher at Cheevers High School. She only appears in the episode: Summer of Our Discontent.


Mrs. Bird is the year 8 Remedial English (Summer School) teacher at Cheevers High School. In class, she assumes that each student is incredibly dumb (usually by spelling out her last name, which is a simple word) and referring to Summer as the "hot time". She is considered a pretty harsh grader, although 3 out of 4 times she is accurate about her grading. Mrs. Bird's full name (as well as her first name) is revealed by a Summer School classmate named Brick, who has repeated the same class for 4 years. In the episode, Mrs. Bird shows much love for Zack Martin, although she once gave him detention for being a clown. Additionally, she seems to be a good teacher, even though many students don't really like her.


Laura Bird wears average clothes, usually in a professional manner due to her being a teacher. She has her hair mid-length and she looks in her late 40s - mid 50s.

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