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French 101
French 101
Season: 2
Episode: 2 (season)
28 (series)
Production Code: 201
Guest Stars: Katelyn Pippy as Jolie
Originally Aired: February 10, 2006
"Odd Couples"
"Day Care"

French 101 is the 2nd episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The episode starts when Zack and Cody want to date with the Jolie, the French Ambassador's daughter, who stays at the Tipton. Meanwhile, later London beats a thief who Esteban couldn't, so Maddie wants to cheer him up.


The episode begins with Mr. Moseby welcoming the French Ambassador and his daughter to the Tipton. The ambassador then complains that he is still in America, making Moseby feel awkward and walk away. Zack and Cody walk in from what seems to be playing basketball, and Zack notices the Ambassador's daughter. He then walks over and begins flirting. The confused girl replies in French, and Mr. Moseby tells them "she's off limits." The girl then leaves with her father and Cody says Zack won't be able to get her. Zack grabs a french pastry from a nearby desert cart, and with a frosting stache looks at a giggling Jolie. He tells Cody who explains why she is smiling to an embarrassed Zack.

Maddie enters the The Tipton Hotel carrying several shopping bags to which Esteban remarks that London was shopping again. Maddie says London bought everything but the building. Suddenly, London is heard screaming so Esteban and Maddie rush outside. There they see a robber trying to take her purse. Esteban then tries to save her, but he is quickly defeated by the robber. Unknowingly the purse breaks, making London quickly defeat the robber. Two cops then arrest the robber, and one comments how London saved Esteban. Maddie says that she thought Esteban was brave, but it clearly does not help.

The next morning Zack is trying to take a shower but is clearly lost, not knowing wear anything is. He explains that he is trying to get a date with the French girl. After Zack leaves, Cody says that Zack gets all the girls to which Carey replies he has a fair chance, too. After Carey leaves, Cody lock Zack in a closet and leaves to find Jolie.

In the Lobby, Arwin comes in to say that he heard Esteban was beat up by a girl, when Esteban is right there. Esteban then says that the robber got a lucky shot, and asks London to flip him, to which she says no. He then grabs her shoulder to stop her from leaving, and she flips him.

Cody asks Mr. Moseby to be a translator to which he denies. However, Cody convinces him by asking if he would rather translate for Zack instead. Cody then asks Jolie on a date. Zack then comes downstairs and tries to convince Jolie otherwise, without Moesby's help, to which she replies in french that "she is scared".

After Cody leaves for his date, with Mr. Moseby, Zack devises a plan to get Cody back. Zack convinces Bob that Cody is mean. As bob distracts Cody, Zack flirts with Jolie using some pre-made French lines. When Cody finds out, and asks for some of them Zack gives him French insults, which hurt her feelings. Zack then comforts her, to Cody's anger.

At the same time, London and Maddie devise a plan to gain Esteban's confidence back by faking another robbery, the robber being Arwin. The plan seeming goes well, until it is revealed that Arwin is not the robber. Maddie rushes outside and tells Esteban to let go. The robber falls over, and Esteban places his foot on top of his chest and declares that he has won.

Back at home, Carey lectures the boys on their bad behavior. After Carey leaves, Cody begins to fake cry so that Zack can get Jolie back for him. Zack goes down and apologizes to Jolie, gaining him a kiss. Ironically, Cody just came down making him angry to see Zack being kissed and chases him around the lobby. Bob then asks Moseby if Jolie is available, but Moseby says to ask her himself. Bob, ironically, speaks fluent French and does just that.


Esteban: (after defeating the purse snatcher) No one assaults a woman by Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez! Or, as I will now be called... El Diablo!
Zack: (to Jolie) You, me. Dinner, dancing.
Jolie: J'ai peur. (Translation: I'm scared.)
Zack: She wants me.
Mr. Moseby: Yes, arrested.
Zack (to Jolie) Hey, beautiful. I don't always smell like this, unless you like it.
Jolie: Je ne comprends pas. Je suis désolé.
Zack: What a beautiful name. Désolé.
Mr. Moseby: That means "sorry." Her name is Jolie, and like the dessert cart, she's off limits.
Cody : Well, how do I look? And be brutal.
Zack: Like a backstabbing, French girl-stealing jerk in a goofy sweater vest.
Cody: You really think it looks goofy?
Cody: Sorry about that. Hey did I ever tell you... Vos cheveux ressemblent à l'algue? (Translation: Your hair looks like seaweed.)
Jolie: Excusez moi?
Cody: Vous êtes comme idiot comme poteau. (Translation: You're dumber than a post.)
Jolie: Je suis quoi?!
Cody: Vous sentez comme une chèvre humide. (Translation: You smell like a wet goat.)
Mr. Moseby: How is everything going?
Jolie: (stomps on Cody's foot)
Cody: Je suis ow!
Zack: (while on the phone) Hey Bob, you busy tonight? Wanna come to the club with me? No, not as my date!
Jolie: (to Cody while trying to speak English) See you...yesterday! (she walks off)
Cody: Yesterday. She meant tomorrow. Isn't that the cutest thing?
Zack: Why do you always fall for Cody's sweet and sensitive act?
Carey: That's not an act, That's how he is.
Zack: But he locked me in a closet! He's vicious I tell you, vicious!
Carey: Are we talking about the same kid who cries when I vacuum up the dust bunnies?
Zack: Oh, he's good!
Cody: (to Bob) For the last time, that's the difference between boron and freon! Now I'd like to be free from you, boron!
Bob: I can't believe you he locked you in a closet! With a bag of snakes! ...You know, that just doesn't sound like him.
Zack: It's all an act! He's vicious I tell ya! Vicious! Now distract Cody while I get rid of Mr. Moseby.
Bob: Okay, but next time, you're taking me to a movie!
Zack: It's not a date!
Jolie: (to Zack) Zat is so... spicy!
Mr. Moseby: Oh, you mean sweet.
Jolie: No. Spicy. (kisses Zack)
Cody: (after seeing Jolie kiss Zack) This how you get a girl back for me?!
Zack: It's not what it looks like!
Cody: Well I'm gonna kick your a—
Mr. Moseby: Derrière.
Cody: That too!


  • It is revealed that Bob can speak fluent French.
  • Jolie means "pretty" or "beautiful" in French.

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