Season: 2
Episode: 7 (season)
33 (series)
Production Code: 206
Guest Stars: Alyson Stoner as Max
Originally Aired: March 21, 2006
"Forever Plaid"
"Moseby's Big Brother"

"Election" is the 7th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Both twins want to be the school president, with Maddie on Cody's side for the sake of making the school a better place, and London on Zack's to help him become successful and popular.


School elections are coming up, and Cody plans on running. While bragging to Zack, however, he reveals that the Jr. High Presidents meet in Hawaii, which piques Zack's interest as well.

The election quickly turns in Zack's favor when his extravagant and completely unrealistic campaign promises to overshadow his brother's reasonable and feasible plans for the school. He pulls in the unsuspecting public, who find no fault in thinking that a student body president could somehow get a supermodel in every art class.

At the final debate before election Zack realizes that Cody actually has some good ideas. Unfortunately, he realizes this too late, as he had brought a picture of Cody in feety pajamas, but regrets it when everyone starts making fun of Cody. He reveals he never had any intention of keeping his promises, and says to vote for Cody or not at all, then resigns.

Meanwhile, Arwin strives to become a better inventor, but can't seem to make anything work.

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  • In the movie Bedtime Stories, this episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody was playing on the television.
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