Donna Cabonna



Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Mid-50's
Alias: Donnie, Connie
Nickname: Donnie
Lives In: San Francisco
Brothers: Unnamed Brother
Sisters: Unnamed sister
Mother: Mrs Cabonna
Father: Mr Cabonna
Friends: Raven, London, Cody, Zack, others in the fashion industry
Employment: San Francisco Fashion Industry
Production Info
Portrayed by: Anne-Marie Johnson
First Appearance: That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
Last Appearance: Graduation on Deck (mentioned)
Donna Cabonna is a recurring character of the Suite Life franchise, who made a first appearance in the 1st crossover event, That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana.

She is very rude, ignorant, demanding and not easy to be around with. Although, Raven Baxter, her intern, in That's So Raven, can be seen to get through her at many times.

In the crossover, she turns up at S.S. Tipton to show her new fashion line. And with the help, of Cody and Zack her clothing line becomes the new thing of all.

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