"Country Girl" is a song sung by Bailey in "The Beauty and the Fleeced" as her talent in the Ms. Tipton Beauty Pageant.


Lyrics: "Country Girl"


I was born on the farm when my mom milked the cattle,
A jug full of corn was my first baby rattle,
I could ride a tractor before I could ride a bike.
My very first date took me to the theater,
That boy's biggest dream was to grow the best tater,
But I wanted to be much more than a farm-hand's wife.
So I packed up my bag and I headed for the water,
They all waved goodbye to their little farmer's daughter,
I was setting sail for the best time of my life.
Now I am pickin' apples at the Sistine Chapel,
Bailin' hay on the Champs Elysees,
I am a country girl in every country of the world.
Now I am shuckin' corn where Shakespeare was born
And I am eatin' grits at the great pyramids,
I am a country girl in every country of the world.
I am just a country girl in every country of the world.


Suite Life on Deck - Country Girl01:49

Suite Life on Deck - Country Girl

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