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Cody and Barbara occasionally go on study dates, and once went mini-golfing. In the episode Orchestra, they were dating, and shared a kiss.

In the episode Graduation, the two are often talking about how they want one another to be class valedictorian (and Barbara stomping on Cody's feet), even though them, themselves want to win. They even make a bet that the loser will give the winner a kiss. It's obvious when he tries to impress her. He even preformed a traditional Japanese tea serving ceremony for her and her grandmother. She's the girl on the show who is there to be Cody's ideal girlfriend.

In the episode Benchwarmers, he refers to her as "honey" when picking her up and is protective of her. Cody assumes they have broken up because when he was leaving the Tipton Hotel he told Barbara that he might not be able to resist the advances of beautiful, exotic women, but she just laughed at him. Yet, Cody still took it as a 'go for it.'
Cody and Barbara

Cody and Barbara in Flowers & Chocolate

On the Suite Life on Deck, in the episode Flowers and Chocolate, Barbara comes onto the ship along with the twins' friend, Bob. Cody still has feeling for her to an extent. He wants to be completely honest with her about finding a new person (Bailey), and he does not want to hurt her in any way. Barbara shares the same sentiment because she is now with Bob. Cody becomes hurt when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend and one of his best friend got together (the night he left). He attempts to make her jealous (which he succeeds in), but he gets Bailey mad at him (the girl he likes now). In the end, everyone makes up, and Cody and Barbara are now just friends.

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