Bruno is a character of the Suite Life series. He works on the S.S. Tipton and is shown to clean the sewage flap, which has been mentioned many times. He is portrayed by Kevin Makely.


  • Emma Tutweiller: Mrs. Tutweiler dated him during The Play's the Thing. In the begining of the episode, Bruno is having lunch with Emma, who is talking about her cats. He doesn't seem to be listening. Later in the episode, he comes up to Mr. Mosbey and tells him that he has heard that Mosbey is hitting on Emma. Emma tries to tell him something, but holds her back and tells her that the "men are talking". Mosbey tells him that is wasen't the way to treat a woman, while Bruno hits his shoulders. Mosbey punches his stomach, and Bruno tells him that he is a big bully and runs off. He is last seen before the play started, telling Zack that his plan to break up with Emma worked.


  • Mosbey seemed to be jealous of Bruno when he was dating Emma.

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