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Brickford (referred to as Brick) is a minor character seen in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody episode, "Summer of Our Discontent". He was a student present in summer school when Zack had to repeat grade eight English. He is portrayed by Adam Cagley.


Brick had repeated summer school for four years, and over that time had carved his name into a specific desk to mark it as his own. Because of the amount of time he spent there, he began to know his teacher, Laura Bird, very well, and calls her by her first name.


Brick is shown to be of lower-than-average intelligence; when asked, "What season is Shakespeare addressing?" he answered "Paprika?"

After Zack had proven to the class that he could be very smart when he tried, Brick joined the class in giving him hanging wedgies - even though he enjoyed Zack's humor whenever it came up. However, despite his low intelligence and disregard to learning, at the end of "Summer of Our Discontent", he asks Zack to tutor him along with the rest of the class.

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