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Season: 3
Episode: 19 (season)
84 (series)
Originally Aired: July 19, 2008
"Romancing the Phone"
"Doin' Time in Suite 2330"

"Benchwarmers" is the 19th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. London does not make the cheerleading squad at Cheevers High, so she, Cody, and their friends decide to create their own squad, led by Mr. Moseby (who did cheerleading in high school and was even the captain). Meanwhile, Zack tries out for the boys' basketball team and manages to make junior varsity, but ends up becoming the worst player on the team, and as a result, has to adjust from being the star of the team in middle school to being a "benchwarmer" in high school.


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Mr. Moseby: Cheerleading has made me the man I am today.
Carey: Short and fussy?
Mr. Moseby: Well-dressed and your boss.
London: Whoa! Someone give me a B, give me a I, give me a T, E, R! What does that spell?
Barbara: "Biter"?
London: I meant to spell "bitter".
Cody: You know, that's pretty close for London.
Cody: See, you'd never see Barbara trying out for cheerleading. She's way too intellectual for that.
Barbara: Look, Cody! My pom-poms match my glitter!
Cody: Barbara, what are you doing here?
Barbara: Well, I'm in high school now and I wanna show people that there's more to me than just... math and science. (pushes her glasses up)
Cody: Barbara, you don't wanna go out there, flouncing around, wearing some short, tight, little skirt. (gets an excited look on his face) Go and get 'em, honey and don't take no for an answer!
Coach Little: (to Zack) Free throws are your strength.
Zack: What are my weaknesses?
Coach Little: Just about everything else.
Haley: I once hid for four weeks with no one finding me.
Nia: I got a feeling no one was looking for her.
Dana: May the best squad win.
Barbara: Proper grammar is "the better squad" and you're on, girl!
Nia: (to Dana) Oh, you like spirit? You're about to become one!
Coach Little (to Zack): Free throws are your strength.
Zack: What are my weaknesses?
Coach Little: Just about everything else.


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