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The Atrium
A view of the Atrium from the floor
Location: The S.S. Tipton
Occupants: Mr. Moseby
First Appearance: "Let Us Entertain You"[SLOZAC]
"The Suite Life Sets Sail"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Let Us Entertain You"[SLOZAC]
"Graduation on Deck"[citation needed][SLOD]

London, Moseby, Cody, Zack

This article is about the lobby from the S.S. Tipton. You may be looking for the lobby from the Tipton Hotel.

The Atrium is one of the main sets seen in The Suite Life on Deck. It is located just inside the S.S. Tipton's gangplank where Mr. Moseby's check-in desk is and where the elevators converge. It is mostly frequented by students and passengers, and is seen as a great place to chat and relax.

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