Ashton hiding behind Violet
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Ex-Girlfriend: Violet
Nemesis: Zack Martin
Production Info
First Appearance: "The Kidney of the Sea"
Last Appearance: "The Kidney of the Sea"

Ashton is based on Cal Hockley, the main antagonist of Titanic. His first and only episode appearance was in "The Kidney of the Sea".


Aston is rich, snobbish, rude and arrogant. He gives his girlfriend Violet a diamond called the Kidney of the Sea, then frames Zack Martin for stealing it when he becomes jealous of his friendship with Violet. When, at the end of the episode the truth is revealed by Ivana, he tries to lie his way out with no avail. He flees from Zack and ends up crashing into an ice sculpture causing him to collapse in the cake. His ultimate fate remains unknown but it's possible he and Violet broke up afterwards.
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