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Aqua Lounge
Aqua Lounge
Location: S.S. Tipton
Built by: Frankie
Staff: Marion Moseby
Occupants: Guests on the S.S. Tipton
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton (formerly)
First Appearance: "Bon Voyage"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Graduation on Deck"[SLOD]

The Aqua Lounge was first built in "Bon Voyage" and became a hangout for the gang and other passengers. It was, however, destroyed with the rest of the ship in "Graduation on Deck".


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Prior to Bon Voyage, the Aqua Lounge was being constructed. However, a few days before the official opening, a crack appeared in one of the windows causing the entire lounge to flood. A furious Moseby declared that the culprit would be expelled and kicked off the ship. Moseby as usual accused Zack of pulling the prank, but the other kids began to think that they were responsible for different reasons, but it later turned out that it technically Moseby's fault after he (accidentally) dropped one of his pocket hankies into an air duct.

When Mr. Tipton wanted to know who to throw off the ship, London ended up taking the blame--however, rather than be expelled, she just got an allowance cut.

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