|Gender=Male |Age=15-16 |Alias=Tony |Nemesis=Cody, London, Zack, Maddie |Friends=Maddie, Mr. Blaine |Portrayer=Mark Indelicato |FirstAppearance="Lip Synchin' in the Rain" |LastAppearance="Lip Synchin' in the Rain" |Image = Antonio 0.jpg }}

Antonio (originally known as Tony) is a minor character The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, appearing exclusively in "Lip Synchin' in the Rain". For the school play, High School Musical he auditioned for the part of Ryan Evans. He tried to make sure he got the part by researching Mr. Blaine's failed musical Floss and using it as his audition piece, it worked as he got the part. He was very arrogant in thinking the show revolved around him, he brought in some talent scouts to watch his performance. In the end, the curtain fell onto him (thanks to Zack and Cody) and he left the stage. Later, he came back and almost ruined it for Maddie, and in the end, he, along with Mr. Blaine, Maddie, London, Cody and Zack, danced to the song Floss.


Selfish and doesn't care much about people, shown by events such as insulting London's singing and calling her "that amateur." He hates anyone that isn't as talented as him and only cares about himself (and apparently has no friends), though is shown to be quite ambitious in his goals.

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